7 AI Tools For Designers (Top AI Tools )

7 AI tools for designers to enhance workflow, creativity and boost productivity, including Visily and Locofy.

AI has been and continues to change the design world across the globe, streamlining a range of activities and functions. Smart integration means the future of design is AI assist — from prototyping to beautiful visuals, thanks to AI. If you use AI-powered design software you might interested in some of these amazing AI design tools that will help you improve the way you work. Below i will be discussing 7 AI Tools For Designers.

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With the fast paced world of design we live in today efficiency and creativity are key. Over the years, AI tools have transformed the way designers work by lending a helping hand in automating routine tasks and providing fresh ideas. AI can bring tremendous advancements to your workflow, be it sketching wireframes, producing eye-appealing visuals, or localizing content.

In this blog, we look at the seven significant AI design tools that every designer must know and focus on the important features of these tools and a rising epicenter of market demand at the AI Solutions.


Visily Using this service you will receive an Artificial Intelligence enabled design tool to create wireframes and prototypes faster. Ideal for UI/UX designers who just want to have their ideas done fast without diving deeper into technicalities.

Visily ai

Key Features:

VisilyAI-Generated Wireframes: Use AI to generate wireframes with the information you provide, eliminating the need to do it manually for hours. Collaboration tools: share and bring your designs to other team members and clientsAllows real-time feedback.

Simple Interface:

Visily has a user-friendly interface that is specially designed for both a beginner and advanced designer who is trying to make a complex design.

Market Use and Demand:

As the demand for best in class user experiences is also growing there is a need for new and user friendly tools, such as Visily. Wireframing and Prototyping Software Market Overview The global market for wireframing and prototyping software was currently valued at about $547.0 million as of 2017, as per a recent market research report published by Transparency Market Research.

In frequent competition, Visily offers the advantage of quickly reducing the time to design.

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Recraft is the future of design; an AI design assistant that takes care of repeatable work so that you have more time to focus on being creative.

Recraft ai

Key Features:

Design Suggestions — Once you submit your work, Recraft will analyze and suggest them to your design for you, all you have to do is enhance your designs with minimal effort.

Automated Tasks :

Recraft provides the solution for those boring qualifications such as resizing image, and colors adjustments etc.

Design Software:

Plugins for design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for more seamless integration into your workflow.

Market Use and Demand:

The need for products like Recraft is on the rise, as designers are looking to further streamline their workflow. The demand for accelerated and enhanced design processes has driven the growth of the design software market. In a market where time is money, Recraft has found a lot of love among designers by offering to automate routine tasks.


Jitter a AI video design tool makes animated social media posts super easy Key Features: Instant Templates and Presets: Start quickly with dozens of centered templates and presets.

Jitter ai

AI Animation:

Jitter AI will animate your designs automatically, saving time and effort. With customized features that allow you to modify anything from animations all the way to colors, this comes with a lot of possibility to make it your way.

Market Use and Demand:

In a world increasingly saturated with video content, all organisations are pouring resources into video production to use on their social media, advertising, or content sites. JitterJitter is an AI-driven video creation on demand platform to meet the increasing appetite for High-quality and engaging video content and creating a new standard for video production. It is becoming one of the most popular tools among designers and marketers due to its ease to use and efficiency.


Ideogram is a text-to-image generation tool with a bleeding-edge AI model that provides highly accurate translation of your ideas into stunning visuals.

Ideogram ai

Key Features:

Text-to-Image Conversion: Type your thoughts and ideogram makes an elaborate picture of what you’re portraying.

High Resolution Images :

It helps in quality images and is ideal for making different design projects. Customization options: Customize the style, colours, and more in your images.

Market Use and Demand:

The need for easy,customisable and visual content is more than ever, marketing and content creation fields are foremost in the list. One such option is Ideogram, which provides a powerful, quick, and efficient way to help you craft high-quality visuals.

This complimentary tool is a godsend for designers, marketers and content creators who want to make their life easier by converting text to images.


Convert raster images into vector graphics: Vectorizer: This makes designs scaleable (so they can be enlarged and shrunk with losing any quality).

Vectorizer ai

Key Features:

Excellent Conversion — Bitmap images to vector graphics with excellent precision Parameters allows for the detail and complexity levels in the vectorized image to be customized. All format: SVG, EPS, PDF and many other formats.

Market Use and Demand:

Because scalable graphics are used in more and more places in branding, web design, or print media, tools such as Vectorizer are also essential. Increasing demand for scalable and high-quality images is expected to drive the growth of the global Vector Graphics Software Market. In a wide range of applications, Vectorizer is an essential tool for designers, because it can efficiently convert raster images to vector graphics.


GravityWrite is an AI writing assistant for creating persuasive copy for your designs. Key Features: Content Generation–It produces text of high quality from your prompt which ultimately saves the time to write you have to put in.

Gravitywrite Ai Voice Generator tool

SEO Optimization:

Verifies that your copy is optimized for search engines which increases your reach. Change Magnetized: Change tone and elegance in order that your writing aligns together with your emblem voice.

Market Use and Demand:

In an era that relies heavily on digital marketing, it should come as no surprise that content is an essential part of what makes it all go around, and we need talented writers now more than ever. GravityWrite is an AI writing tool that can help to fulfill this need to generate content that is bound to keep your audience engaged. This makes it a preferred typeface for designers, marketers, and content creators who need to get a lot of good looking text out fast.


Locofy is a localization tool for designers powered by AI. Key Features:

Locofy ai

Auto Translation:

Accurate translation for your design content to maintain continuity in languages. Culturally Aware: Re-modes designs based on cultural norms and preferences for improved usability.

Design Tools Integration:

Works well with design software, thus ensuring localization is a breeze.

Market Use and Demand:

With businesses going global, there is a rising demand for localization. Locofy meets this demand by providing an AI-based design translation service across markets. The way it offers legitimate translations and adaption to particular cultures makes it priceless for designers working on international projects.

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