How to Rank YouTube Videos By YouTube SEO New Practices 2022

How to Rank YouTube Videos By YouTube SEO? Infact everyone is trying to become a youtuber in anyways but the Success shall be by YouTube SEO.

How to Rank YouTube Videos, How to do YouTube SEO? Infact everyone is trying to become a youtuber in anyways. but there are levels to participate in this field. Some are just thinking, some people are taking startup while some people take this as full time or part time but this level is serious towards their job. Before diving into some facts and the in to those tips and tricks. 

Let me share with you a general concept and methodology behind that What is Youtube SEO in 2021 to rank videos.

What is Youtube SEO?

To understand the concept of YouTube SEO i want you to give the basic idea about SEO. We need to find out the ways that what is SEO? How to rank YouTube videos and how it works in YouTube platform?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In general terms SEO is all about optimization of articles, webpages, products and videos on certain keywords. There are many factors to rank all above mentioned things you may read my thorough article on What is SEO? BUT in this article i will guide you only ways to rank YouTube videos by doing basic SEO techniques.

Major factors before upload video on YouTube:

Many people are facing issues in ranking their YouTube videos. But don’t worry i am writing this article to resolve this specific issue particularly “How to Rank YouTube Videos By YouTube SEO New Practices 2022”.

Before uploading video make sure to apply below mention points then will move on to the major SEO steps by proper keyword research.

  1. Rename Video File with your exact keyword or SEO Title
  2. Go to Video File Properties and add tags about your specific video.
  3. Create an attractive thumbnail having a clear text exactly same as your Title or keyword.
  4. Rename thumbnail image name as same with keyword or main title.
  5. Write some Optimized Subtitles that is also important for YouTube video ranking.

After doing above mentioned points now you are good to good with the actual SEO concept. Remember mostly people are skipping above points and directly go for the title, description and tags. 

Does the YouTube Video Title, Description and tags works to rank high?

100% works and these are important factors to work on it by selecting that keywords, have less competition but high traffic to rank your YouTube video. 

Now the point is how to do SEO keyword research for YouTube Video To Rank high? Here i have next point that is all about it.

how to rank youtube video by youtube seo (1)
how to rank YouTube video by YouTube SEO

How to do keyword research for YouTube videos to rank high?

In keyword research for YouTube Videos, it will good when you chose low competition and have high volume. To achieve this target we have to select longtail keywords. Longtail keywords can be selected only by using YouTube search bar by checking word by word. That way you could achieve the goal and success in getting your target of How to Rank YouTube Videos By YouTube SEO?

Many people have found asking, what keyword research tool is good for YouTube SEO. I always guiding them only use YouTube search bar and find longtail keywords. Now finding only keyword will not help you achieve your goal. So once you select your desired keyword make sure to check traffic in that specific keyword. 

How to do keyword research for youtube videos to rank high
How to do keyword research for YouTube videos to rank high

How to check monthly volume/Traffic on particular keyword to rank youtube video high?

To find traffic on specific keywords you should install one of the below two Google chrome extensions that will Automatically fetch stats/analytics on every search results.

Below are the tools to find traffic on specific keywords:
  • VidIQ
  • Tube Buddy

Above tools will most probably help you achieve a good SEO results. But if you still go into deep analysis on keywords. You may use below ahref tool for YouTube research tools.

  • Youtube keyword research tool by ahref.

I have shared most premium knowledge about deep SEO keyword research to cover up my topic How to Rank YouTube Videos By YouTube SEO? Now its time to jump onto the title, description and tags part.

Once the keyword selection after proper analysis on mentioned parameters i am sure you have renamed video file , thumbnail file with primary or main keyword.

How To Create YouTube Video Attractive And Clickable Title?

Let Start Making a very engaging and clickable title:

if we check the terms used on YouTube we analyzed that people coming on YouTube only taking some sort of question. Like How? why ? What? When? Where? Its calls as 4W’s1H.

User intent must be clear exactly your video is all about.

Title for YouTube video is the only key to open doors after thumbnail. Title can affect your video level to somewhere you cannot expect. So try using main keyword with some related keywords.

An Effective YouTube Video Title

How to write a good youtube Video description?

How to Rank YouTube Videos By YouTube SEO, It is one of the most practicing technique to rank YouTube videos. So after YouTube video title, you have a big option to rank your video high is description. In Title you are stick with few words like up to 100. But in description you are open to say everything i.e. words, hashtags, links etc. 

To make an optimized description try to use main keyword multiple times and add related keywords as well to get a chance to rank YouTube video fast.

Use Some of your previous videos Titles so that it help to take your other videos on recommendation sections probably.

How to add YouTube video tags to rank high?

Adding a top searchable tags are may help you rank well. Try to use youtube search bar by adding relevant keywords to target your video and its main topic.

Try to revolve around your title and main topic while adding tags. This practice will help you get impressions on all or one of its tag. Most importantly it will increase chances to get ranked. 

Tags must be as per your title and play around it. You will get good results.

How to do keyword research for youtube videos to rank high
Select YouTube Video Tags Wisely

My Bonus Tip: 

Try not to use paid keyword research tools. Just use Google and youtube search bar and get most advance results. 

If you still asking for tools then atleast use Keyword.io and chrome extensions Tubebuddy and VidIQ to find ranking tags.

At the ending of the article ” How to Rank YouTube Videos By Youtube SEO New Practices ” This is all about YouTube SEO. Hope it will help you while Uploading youtube in a professional way.

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