7 Best Money Market Funds to Buy for Safety in 2024

In the expansive domain of investments, risk and return engage in a nuanced interplay, orchestrating a mosaic of possibilities across varied asset classes. This introductory journey navigates through the subtleties of market dynamics, probing the risks and rewards inherent in stocks, bonds, and the perpetual pursuit of a “risk-free” asset. Amidst this financial panorama, money market funds stand as unwavering pillars of stability, providing a refuge for conservative investors. As we embark on this exploration, we dissect the intricacies of market dynamics and reveal seven distinguished money market funds and ETF 7 Best Money Market Funds to Buy for Safety in 2024alternatives that serve as foundational elements of financial resilience amidst the fluctuating currents of market volatility. So Let’s discuss what are the 7 Best Money Market Funds to Buy for Safety.

Unveiling Market Risk as the Gateway to Potential Long-Term Gains

In the vast expanse of investments, risk and return emerge as inseparable entities, each presenting unique nuances across diverse asset classes.

Revealing the Potential of Equities

Unpacking stocks, the central risk is market risk, akin to the entry fee for the promise of heightened, enduring returns.

Stocks ride the tides of the market, swayed by a myriad of forces—from economic shifts to political events and company-specific developments. Despite a historical track record of delivering superior long-term returns, stocks come bundled with the prospect of substantial volatility.

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Credit Risk: The Peril of Bond Issuer Defaults

Credit risk revolves around the potential of a bond issuer defaulting on payments, while interest rate risk looms as bond prices fluctuate with rising interest rates. This dynamic unveils a truth: bonds, while generally perceived as safer than stocks, can also witness value erosion, notably evident in the rising rate scenario of 2022 and 2023.

The Quest for the “Risk-Free” Asset: An Elusive Pursuit

It’s imperative to acknowledge the absence of a genuinely “risk-free” asset. Even holding cash isn’t immune, as its value gradually diminishes over time due to inflation. Yet, for conservative investors fixated on safeguarding capital, a realm of low-risk alternatives beckons.

Money Market Funds: The Stalwart of Stability

A notable contender is the money market fund—a meticulously crafted mutual fund designed to uphold a consistent net asset value (NAV) of $1 per share. This option stands as a compelling alternative to idle cash in a brokerage account.

Insights from Vanguard: Navigating the Terrain of Money Market Funds

“Money market funds navigate the short-term interest rate landscape. A backward glance at the federal funds target rate’s evolution over the past year reveals a lockstep movement with money market rates,” notes Nafis Smith, Principal and Head of Taxable Money Markets at Vanguard. Presently, with short-term rates holding firm, Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (VMFXX) boasts a robust seven-day SEC yield of 5.3%, coupled with a commendable 0.11% expense ratio.

Prime Offerings: Exploring Fidelity’s Monetary Landscape

Prime money market funds, delving into debt securities from corporations and government entities, offer a nuanced landscape. Fidelity Money Market Fund (SPRXX), a stalwart since January 1989, balances stability with an intricate mix of Treasury bills, CDs, time deposits, and commercial paper. Despite a higher expense ratio at 0.42%, it presently yields a competitive 5.1% seven-day SEC yield.

Municipal Finesse: Tax-Exempt Strategies Unveiled

For those in high-income tax brackets, municipal money market funds provide a tax-exempt haven. Schwab Municipal Money Fund – Investor Shares (SWTXX) exemplifies this, focusing on fixed-income securities issued by states, local governments, and municipal agencies. With a 2.7% seven-day SEC yield and a 0.34% expense ratio, it presents an attractive after-tax yield.

Hidden Gems Beyond the Giants: North Capital Treasury Money Market Fund (NCGXX)

Venturing beyond industry giants, smaller yet potent options surface. NCGXX, managed by North Capital, currently waives fees, presenting an effectively cost-free avenue for investors. Despite its institutional tag, this government money market fund offers accessibility with no minimum investment requirements, boasting a high seven-day SEC yield of 5.4%.

ETF Dynamics: A Substitution Game

While money market mutual funds adhere to daily trading closures, ETFs provide flexibility. JPMorgan Ultra-Short Income ETF (JPST), focusing on short-term corporate bonds, stands as a flexible alternative. Priced at around $50 per share, it maintains historical stability with a 5.6% 30-day SEC yield and a net expense ratio of 0.18%.

Vanguard’s ETF Offering: Navigating Ultra-Short Bonds

Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF (VUSB) offers an ETF alternative with a robust credit profile, holding a mix of asset-backed, government, and corporate fixed-income securities. Despite Vanguard’s caution against viewing it as a direct substitute for a money market fund, VUSB provides safety with a 5.4% 30-day SEC yield and a slightly lower 0.1% expense ratio compared to similar funds.

Low-Risk ETF Haven: Global X 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF (CLIP)

For conservative investors, CLIP emerges as an ETF alternative tracking short-maturity Treasury bills. Anchored to the Solactive 1–3-month U.S. T-Bill Index, it presents minimal volatility with a 5.2% 30-day SEC yield and a meager 0.07% expense ratio.


In a landscape where risk and return intertwine, the mentioned money market funds and ETF alternatives offer investors a spectrum of choices. Aligned with varying risk tolerances and investment objectives, these options underscore the pursuit of stability and prudent income amidst the undulating currents of the market. So this are the 7 Best Money Market Funds to Buy for Safety, I hope you enjoyed it. Please ensure you leave a comment and share your thoughts on the eight ways to select safe money market funds.

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