iPhone 16 Pro Max: All the Rumors and Leaks So Far

iPhone 16 Pro Max: All the Rumors and Leaks So Far. While the iPhone 16 Pro Max remains a mystery, that hasn't stopped the rumor.

Everything we know about the iPhone 16 Pro Max

While the iPhone 16 Pro Max remains a mystery, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from continuing to run. Price, launch date, specifications and design – here’s everything that we know so far.

When iPhone 16 Pro Max is going to be released

The iPhone 16 Pro Max will probably launch in September, like every new iPhones launched by Apple. Set your reminders for September 2024

Price Of iPhone 16 Pro Max In Pakistan

We’re still in the dark as far pricing goes, but hopefully this all gets announced soon. But based on the historical trend, you should also expect that iPhone 16 Pro Max to be at a higher price point over even probably much more expensive compared with other usual models like this iPhone 15 predecessor.

Goodbye iPhone 15 Pro Max, Hello to the first wave of SoC named as Apple A19: The fiery one.

It would take the place of the current iPhone 15 Pro Max, which was released before now in last year. There are not many specifics available right now that provide information, but leaks indicate several tantalising features.

iPhone 16 Pro Max Camera Upgrades

Rumors for the iPhone 16 Pro Max suggest a major camera bump, featuring a speculated an Ultra Wide lens going up to 48 megapixels with periscope and telephoto lenses both getting you that five-fold optical zoom.

A Chip for the Future

Apple is expected to release a new iPhone 16 Pro Max that will include an A-series chip the company describes as quicker and more efficient.

Design Enhancements

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is also said to undergo a design refresh, if rumors are anything to go by. The standard and Pro Max models would be slightly larger at 6.3 inches, and 6.9-inches, respectively The leak also shows what could be new sensor locations, a not-moved mmWave antenna to help improve 5G network access and another camera ‘capture’ button.

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iPhone 16 Pro Max Colors and Photos

We have heard some whispers about new color shifts, but no details are known yet for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Check back for more info closer to the launch date, which will probably include official photography.

IPhone 16 Pro Max vs iPhone 15 Pro Max:

We anticipate the iPhone 16 Pro Max, but have a few rumors about what we may expect from it over its ’15 series stablemate, Apple’s current top-of-the-line handset – Read on for all of that information. A closer look at the potential disparities in play:

Size: Hoping the iPhone 16 Pro Max has a smidge more room to work with, as noted by tipster @dylandkt (above), who thinks it’ll feature a panel measuring up at either 6.9 inches or 7 inches compared to the current model’s already generous size of 6.7-inches.

Camera: The biggest improvement may come in the way of a camera Ironically, the 15 Pro Max’s current Ultra Wide lens will be replaced by a new version striped as being at a resolution of 48-megapixels on its successor. We would not be surprised to see 5x optical fpr all lenses on both phones either.

Processing: The 16 Pro Max will no doubt offer whatever the next-gen of Apple processing capabilities and with that in mind should be a good deal speedier than what’s found inside the A17 Pro for the 15 Pro Max.

Though the design itself could be largely unchanged, moving mmWave antennas for better 5G reception and a dedicated camera button found on the front as well in mp15 Pro Max to back of mp16 Pro Max all are being speculated.

Mystery: The iPhone 16 Pro Max could be available in a choice of new colours, but what those are is not known.

Assuming the leaks are accurate, then details we’ve learned about the iPhone 16 Pro Max suggest this might be worth waiting for if you’re eager to get your hands on a new version of Apple’s most premium phone instead. The last word, it seems though will have to wait until Apple reveals the phone later this year.


The iPhone 16 Pro Max remains a mystery, but the leaks suggest it will also be more of an attractive update. Apple’s yet-to-be-named flagship could be a big deal, with rumors of enhanced camera capabilities and the faster A14 chip. It may also have new design tricks up its sleeve. More will be known as we get closer to the September release date, so stay tuned!

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